The History of Ayashii World (abridged)

This is an abridged history of Ayashii World's Main bulletin boards, as originally found on SwaLink (すわりんく).

Ayashii History Timeline

- Aisuta Era
- Shiba Era (NIFTY)
- Shiba Era (Internet)
- Taihi/Denki Era
- REBIRTH/Famille Era
- presentARENA Era

Early Shiba Era

@Eden is created
Ayashii World 97@Kenjinkai
Ayashii World 2000@Kenjinkai
@jcat is created
@Kenjinkai is closed
@K&T is created
@jcat is closed
@K&T is deleted
@interactia is created
@MuryouRental is created
@MuryouRental is deleted

Middle Shiba Era

@Xtel is created
@Soldigit is created
@Soldigit is deleted
@Sakura is created
@ProHos is created
@yclub is created
@Xtel is deleted
@yclub is deleted
@SakuraHyper becomes Main
@SakuraHyper is deleted
@Shibuya-kei becomes Main
@Shibuya-kei is deleted
@toheart is created
@Ikebukuro becomes Main
@Ikebukuro is deleted
@Sakura, @ProHos, @ProHos, @toheart all either become Main or collapse
@Sakura is deleted
@Taihi-you Hikounin is created
@Doutei Boy in Aikora Dojo Atochi (Ato no Zantou) is created
@ProHos is moved (from freextel to _strange)

Late Shiba Era

@Main Keijiban is finally created
Ayashii World Cup Soccer is created
Ayashii World News is created
@ProHos is deleted
Hajimete no Ayashii World is created
Shiba retires from Ayashii World

Taihi/Denki Era

Taihi-you Hikounin effectively becomes Main
Taihi-you Hikounin, The Last Supper
Ayashii World@Hiru no Bu is created
In response to requests, Ayashii World@Yoru no Bu is created
Shiba requests that bulletin board owner do not use the Ayashii World moniker
Denki Maker retires from Ayashii World

REBIRTH/Famille Era

Ayashii World@REBIRTH is created
Residents who are angry with Main's relocation move to @Famille en masse
Ayashii World@REBIRTH is closed
REQUIEM is created on the same site as Ayashii World@REBIRTH
REQUIEM effectively becomes Main. @Kinsan and @KCOM are created
@ARENA is created
REQUIEM is closed


@ARENA effectively becomes Main
@ARENA is renamed to Ayashii World II. @Extra is created
@AMG is halted. II effectively becomes Main
@Extra is closed
@Grind is created
@??? is created, and is later renamed to @Wakana. @Wakana effectively becomes Main
II effectively becomes Main
@Kinsan is closed
The unification scheme is initiated
Denki Maker Honten is closed
Pororo Honten is created
The unification scheme is suspended
@Lu Bu unifies Ayashii. @Lu Bu becomes the eternal Main
The first Ayashii at is created. @Wakana is renamed to @Christmas Shima
II is deleted and II Taihi-you Hikounin is created
IIβ, α, and γ are created
@Mirai is created
II@Maripe! is renamed to II
Pororo Honten is closed
Shin Honten β and Taihi Honten are created
Shin Honten β is closed
Taihi Honten is closed
@Honten and @Sumata are created
@Extra is closed
NG is created
@Zantei is created
NG is closed
Due to @Zantei malfunctioning, @Zantei (Zantei Taihi) is created
@Zantei is halted