Ayashii Star Chart

A sci-fi-esque guide to the Ayashii World galaxy.

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              Ayashii World star                                  HajiAya star                                                  
              A star so famous it has become                      If you bring your questions        II star                      
              legend. While it has already                        here, the kind people here will    The ruler is famous for his  
              gone extinct, a great number of                   answer them. Many stars have       eloquence. Terrorist attacks 
              people came from this star, and    Honten star      direct flights to here.            are frequent.                
              its unique culture has had a       Blue star                                                                      
              great influence on other star      The main inhabitants are old                    NG star                          
            systems.                           joke-loving men and young                       The inhabitants were wiped out   
  qwerty star                                    promiscuous men. It's said that                 with its extinction. At one      
  After the disappearance of                     there's also a relatively high                  time, many refugees gathered     
  Mirai, the star received many                  number of female residents.                     here. It was a very mixed yet    
  immigrants. It seems that a                                                                  proudly prosperous place.        
  small number of former                                                      Fashion star                                        
  inhabitants of Mirai, whose                                                 Inhabited by people who spend most of their income  
  planet's atmosphere is lethally                                             on fashion. There are many nice people, but the     
  poisonous, are having trouble                                               political situation is a little unstable.           
              +                       Mirai star                        Christmas star                                            
              Hinata star             Accepted a wide variety of        They are small, but very                                  
              Leaked from its mother  inhabitants and produced a large  capable. Some inhabitants are of                          
              star.                   number of influential people,     a very old race. Recently,                                
                                      but the star's spirit was         there's been a significant                                
              ヽ(´ー`)ノ            weakened by the magical power of  generational shift amongst the                            
              It's a nice place.      alcohol. Later, it disappeared.   population, and immigrants seem                           
          .                                                             to be gaining ground. Mind your                           
          Ryo Fu (Lu Bu) star                                 :.:・      butt when you go sightseeing.                           
          Main                                            .  。  : . .                                                           
          Its sizable military might                       :・・。  . .:                                                           
          is not just for show!                              :.    .  。                            Zantei tribe star              
                                                          remix asteroid cluster                   The inhabitants are ridiculed  
                                                          Affiliated with Christmas star.          everywhere for tacitly allowing
                                                          There are many criminals hiding          ethnic discriminators,         
                                                          out here. Frequent riots occur.          terrorists, and exiled         
                                                                                                   inhabitants to stay. They have 
                                                                                             ….. a unique culture.              
                                                                                           ゚゚  :‥                                
                                                                                          , ' ...・                              
        Artificial planet iRC                                                            remix-like asteroid cluster              
        An annoying planet with many                                                     Affiliated with the Zantei               
        disturbance-loving inhabitants.                                                  Tribe. Nothing worth noting.             
        They go around causing uproars                                                                                            
        with the various other stars on                                                                                         
        a daily basis.                                                                                                  Meiso star